Offices around the world

Offices around the world

Ryman Eco, the world’s most beautiful sustainable font

Just a photo I took

Just a photo I took

Look At Your Fish

On the internet today watching something twice is A RADICAL ACT.

Fish is a short essay by Robin Sloan about the difference between liking something and loving something on the internet.

The Gap by Ira Glass

This is water by David Foster Wallace

Wunderlist 3 – The most beautiful product launch video ever

The Disappearing Universe

What’s perhaps surprising about these galaxies is that the farther away we find them, the faster they appear to be moving away from us. This was one of the most puzzling discoveries of the early 20th century…

Of the hundreds of billions of galaxies (maybe even as many as a trillion) in our Universe today, only about 3% of them are still reachable.

It’s pretty crazy to think about what Ethan Siegel describes. Only a small percentage of the visible Universe would be still reachable by travelling at the speed of light. Even though 3% is still mind-bogglingly huge, we need that wormhole tech right now! ;)

What Amazon looks like on the inside

What Amazon looks like on the inside

Google’s Material design